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Certified Wellness Programs Specialist

Be a culture-changer and a wellness leader.
This training program prepares you to create, build, manage, and grow an in-house complete employee wellness program. Earn a certification that proves you have the knowledge and the resources to do the job right.

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We specialize in Mental Health, Life Balance, and Holistic Wellness for Leaders, Executives and Corporate Teams

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Earn the certification.
Maintain the CWPS certification through annual renewal and continuing education.

What is the CWPS?

The CWPS program is a combination of a training course and a certification exam. The training course teaches everything needed in order to start an organization's employee wellness program, run it, maintain it, and grow it.  Once the training course is complete, a certification exam tests knowledge and proficiency. Passing the exam earns the participant the certification credential of Certified Wellness Programs Specialist (CWPS). 

What will you learn?

Your main CWPS training course will prepare you for the CWPS certification exam, and thoroughly covers the following topics:

  • Mental health foundations will be covered, including anxiety, stress, and burnout. Participants will gain insight into common mental illnesses and disorders, and will learn extensively about managing coworkers who are in crisis or having thoughts of suicide. Family work/life balance will be included in the training, and the program will also teach elements of depression, grief, hurt, anger and fear and how it affects individuals in the workplace. Additionally participants will learn about addiction and compulsions.
  • The workplace culture and its relation to mental wellness will be covered, including topics like the pressure to succeed, interacting with coworkers, common workplace stressors, the environment, and leadership stress.
  • Creating a Wellness Program is the point of this program, and the training sessions will thoroughly cover conducting a needs assessment, essential program elements, implementation of a program, changing the culture, peer advocacy, education & training, corporate responsibility, 3rd party resources, coaching vs. counseling, and workplace violence.
  • Leadership is part of being a Certified Wellness Programs Specialist, and participants will learn about the privilege and responsibility, as well as expectations of a wellness leader. The importance of setting an example and confidentiality are also topics covered.

Being a Certified Wellness Programs Specialist is not meant to be an easy thing. The program is rigorous and thorough. Once complete, participants may take the certification exam, and we'll be here to help with exam preparation, 1-on-1 tutoring sessions pre-exam, and we'll walk in detail through the renewal and Continuing Education (CE) process for maintaining certification.

The training course uses a well-rounded approach, with expertise in mental health as well as the medical side being integrated into each session. The program will fully prepare participants to be a wellness programs leader, no matter the size or mission of the organization. Participants will gain knowledge of mental health foundations, so as to understand most workplace and employee challenges and scenarios, and be able to assist and lead toward solutions.

How it Works

1. Complete the 40-hour  Wellness Programs Specialist training course within a 120-day period.

2. Take and pass the CWPS certification examination with at least a 90% score.

3. Every year renew the certification to keep it active.

4. Every year take 2 hours of CE (continuing education) classes provided by Center of Training in order to qualify for certification renewal. 

What You Get

When you enroll in the Wellness Programs Specialist training course:

1. Access to the training course for 120 days. The course is 100% online, self-paced within the timeframe.

2. Support & assistance with any questions or clarification needed throughout the training course.

3. Printed workbook which is designed to become your long-term reference manual so you always have the training content and information at your fingertips.

After passing the Certified Wellness Programs Specialist certification exam:

1. You will have earned the CWPS designation!.. you can add "CWPS" as credentials after your name and proudly claim the title Certified Wellness Programs Specialist as long as you remain active with Center of Training.

2. Optional add-on features:

 ..a.. Wellness Academy: 52- weekly wellness video snippets
 ..b.. Wellness Planner
 ..c.. Customizable wellness newsletters
 ..d.. Quarterly live Q&A sessions with Center of Training's CEO
 ..e.. Online community - network with other CWPS graduates
 ..f.. Ask-An-Expert mentoring
 ..g.. Policy templates
 ..h.. Forms templates
 ..i.. Resource database
 ..j.. Periodic online training sessions  & live webinars

The CWPS Exam

After completing the training course you will be eligible to take the CWPS certification exam.

1. The exam is online and asks 100 questions covering the training course material.

2. You must pass with a 90% score or better to earn the certification.

3. You will have access to the exam for up to 30 days, and will have 2 attempts to pass the exam. If not passed the first time, we require a 72-hour waiting period and a 1-on-1 tutoring session to help you be successful on the 2nd attempt and in your role as a CWPS.

Where is the CWPS certification recognized?

The CWPS program is a certification rather than a license, and so it is recognized everywhere. Different types of training documentation and privileges are defined here:

1. Certificate of training -- this is a certificate/document provided when someone completes a training class which simply shows the training was attended or completed.  You can earn a certificate of training by completing the wellness programs specialist training course but not taking the exam. This does not enable you to use the credentials or claim yourself as a CWPS.

2. Certification -- credentials and designation which is earned by completing a training program and passing a proficiency and knowledge examination. The provider/host of a certification program must be a subject matter expert who is qualified to teach and test the training content provided. Center of Training qualifies as a provider of certification in mental health and wellness programs. Read our "About Us" page here.

3. License -- a government-issued (typically) right to provide professional services within a particular location (state, etc.). The CWPS is not a license, and does not train anyone to provide professional services like counseling, etc.

Tuition / Costs

Costs & fees below are per person. We do offer group discounts for 5 or more enrollees from the same organization. Email us at [email protected] for more information.


- Training Course (Wellness Programs Specialist) enrollment tuition:  $395/person
- CWPS Certification Exam: $150/person
- Training Course & Certification Exam Bundle: $525/person

Renewal/Continuing Education (CE):

- Annual CWPS Certification Renewal:  $150
- Annual 2 CE Courses:  $150 ($100 each x 2)
- Annual Renewal + 2 CE Hours Bundle:  $250

We do offer payment plan options for the training course enrollment tuition, but all payments must be made before the exam may be taken.

Maintaining the Certification

Once you pass the exam and graduate from the CWPS program you may use the CWPS designation credentials as long as you remain active. The following are required to retain active status as a CWPS:

1. Annual renewal on your graduation anniversary date.

2. Two (2) hours of CE (continuing education) training provided by Center of Training each year.  Every CWPS will take the same CE classes for the purpose of standardization and cumulative learning - we want the CWPS certification to be held at a very high standard so that anyone seeing you have earned this CWPS designation knows that you have gained extensive knowledge and are continuing to learn and stay current on wellness program topics.

Please note that the CWPS certification belongs to the individual and not to any employing organization.

How to Enroll


To enroll choose from:
~ 1-payment course enrollment ($395)
~ 2-payment course enrollment (2x $197.50)
~ Course enrollment & exam bundle ($525)

When enrolling, use the email address you will want to use as your login username. This will also be the email address where you will receive program reminders and updates as well as your certificate and other program-related information and resources. Be sure to enter your name as you would want it to be reflected on course materials, certificates, etc. 

1 payment


Training course


2 payments

$197.50 x2

Training course




Training course

Certification Exam


Inaugural Graduates

The first 10 graduates will be designated as "Inaugural graduates" and will receive free renewals and CE for the first 3 years. 

Click here or on the logo to your right, to enroll.

After earning your CWPS certification, you may then continue adding to your capabilities:

Earn additional certification specialties:

Specialty program levels will be released throughout 2024-2026:

1. CWPS-I (Instructor) (Train-the-Trainer programs)
2. CWPS-PA (Peer Advocacy) (Build & manage peer advocacy teams and support groups)
3. CWPS-CD (Curriculum Developer) (Use our curriculum elements to build your own wellness program curriculum for in-house classes)(Also requires enrollment in CWPS-I)

Expand your abilities as a Certified Wellness Programs Specialist by adding additional areas of specialty.

CWPS Certification Specialty Tuition:

  • CWPS-I (Instructor) + (Train-the-Trainer programs):¬† $300 + $100 exam fee
    Annual renewal fee for CWPS-I is $100.
    For each train-the-trainer program there will be an additional annual user license fee (fee varies based on # of program hours)
  • CWPS-PA (Peer Advocacy) (Build & manage peer advocacy¬† teams and support groups): $300 + $100 exam fee
    Annual renewal fee for CWPS-PA is $100.
  • CWPS-CD (Curriculum Developer) (Use our curriculum elements to build your own wellness program curriculum for in-house classes (Also requires enrollment in CWPS-I first.): $1000 annual user license fee for full access to curriculum library


Email us at [email protected] for more information.