Welcome to Center of Training's


We specialize in Mental Health, Life Balance, and Holistic Wellness for Organizations, Leaders, Executives and Corporate Teams

Welcome to Center of Training's


We specialize in Mental Health, Life Balance, and Holistic Wellness for Leaders, Executives and Corporate Teams

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Become a

Certified Wellness Programs Specialist (CWPS)

Main program will be released April 1, 2023.

 Complete the training program. Earn the certification. 
Stay educated and updated through annual renewals and continuing education.

Be a culture-changer and a wellness leader in your organization.

Your main CWPS training course will prepare you for the CWPS certification exam, and thoroughly covers the following topics:

  1. Mental health foundations
    1. Anxiety
    2. Stress
    3. Burnout
    4. Trauma
    5. Disorders/Illnesses
    6. Crisis and suicide intervention
    7. Depression
    8. Grief
    9. Addiction/Compulsions
    10. Hurt, Anger & Fear
  2. The workplace culture
    1. Pressure to succeed
    2. Coworkers
    3. Common stressors
    4. Environment of expectations
    5. Leadership stress
  3. Creating a Wellness Program
    1. Needs assessment
    2. Program elements
    3. Implementation
    4. Changing the culture
    5. Peer advocacy
    6. Education & training
    7. Corporate responsibility
    8. 3rd Party Resources
    9. Coaching vs Counseling
  4. Leadership
    1. Privilege & responsibility
    2. Expectations of a wellness leader
    3. Setting an example
    4. Confidentiality
  5. Being a Certified Wellness Programs Specialist
    1. Exam preparation
    2. Renewals & CE process

The training course will fully prepare you to be a wellness programs leader, no matter the size or mission of your organization. You will gain knowledge of mental health foundations, so as to understand most workplace and employee challenges and scenarios, and be able to assist and lead toward solutions.


The program is 100% online in a convenient platform that you can access from anywhere (with a reliable internet connection) and is accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. You will have access to the 40-hour training program for 120 days, with a recommended timeline for completing the content, but with time to catch-up, review, and study for the exam. 

Included will be a downloadable PDF workbook which you will use for note-taking, studying, and then which will serve as your long-term reference guide.


Once you complete the training course you may take the certification exam. You must pass with at least a 90% score, and you will have 2 attempts to pass. Once you pass, you will have earned the certification and the credentials of Certified Wellness Programs Specialist (CWPS).


Each year you will be required to renew your certification, and after your first year you will be required to complete 2 CE (continuing education) hours through Center of Training. 



  • Training Course Tuition: $1500
  • Certification Exam: $200
  • Training Course & Certification Exam Bundle: $1650 


  • Annual Renewal: $200
  • Annual 2 CE Courses: $200 ($100/each)
  • Annual Renewal + 2 CE Hours Bundle: $350

Earn additional certification specialties:

Specialty program levels will be released throughout 2023:

1. CWPS-I (Instructor) (Train-the-Trainer programs)
2. CWPS-PA (Peer Advocacy) (Build & manage peer advocacy teams and support groups)
3. CWPS-CD (Curriculum Developer) (Use our curriculum elements to build your own wellness program curriculum for in-house classes)(Also requires enrollment in CWPS-I)

 Expand your abilities as a Certified Wellness Programs Specialist by adding additional areas of specialty.

CWPS Certification Specialty tuition:

  • CWPS-I (Instructor) (Train-the-Trainer programs):  $500 plus annual user license fee for each program being taught + $100 exam fee
  • CWPS-PA (Peer Advocacy) (Build & manage peer advocacy  teams and support groups): $500 + $100 exam fee
  • CWPS-CD (Curriculum Developer) (Use our curriculum elements to build your own wellness program curriculum for in-house classes (Also requires enrollment in CWPS-I first.): $1000 annual user license fee for full access to curriculum library

Pre-Enroll for the April 1, 2023 Start of CWPS

The first 10 graduates will be designated as "Inaugural graduates" and will receive free renewals and CE for the first 3 years. 
Pre-enroll now and we'll send you your enrollment instructions on the program release date (4/1/2023) or a future starting date of your choosing.

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We are currently accepting pre-enrollments for the April 1, 2023 kickoff date.

Email us at [email protected] for more information.