Why we do what we do...

After earning her Master's in Counseling our CEO and Founder, Amy Morgan, began working with First Responders and their difficult mental health challenges, to include their extensive trauma. She created training classes to help them understand what they were experiencing, on and off the job. From that work, she developed a certification program to teach counselors about the specific and unique culture of First Responder clients.

Earning the trust of First Responders is difficult, especially when you're talking about their "feelings" and coping skills, in a very tough culture of heroes who don't like to appear vulnerable.  Our CEO was able to earn the trust of those First Responders, nationally, and to help them via training classes, personal interactions, suicide/crisis interventions, and collaborating with reputable mental wellness peers and organizations.

It only made sense, then, to build on that and teach those same principles to corporate executives and leaders, who take on immense levels of stress and make lifestyle sacrifices in order to gain success and to lead teams. She has put together an exceptional team of subject matter experts and instructional designers, to create corporate wellness training classes and a certification program for corporate wellness leaders. 

Talking about our own mental health is hard sometimes, and we all know there's a stigma attached. Admitting to having depression or anxiety can be hard, and can feel like a risk we may not want to take. While we will always encourage someone to see a counselor, education and knowledge can be equally beneficial. Learning about mental health challenges is a great first step toward true understanding, and then toward healing.

Imagine your workplace if everyone there was healthy, happy, and confident. Imagine everyone knowing how to manage stress, and feeling in control of their personal challenges and stressors. Employees become more focused, more productive, and actually kinder to each other when they're not weighed down by the stress of life's daily struggles and concerns. Learning to manage stress, and balance home/work life, as well as relationships, finances, physical health, parenting, and any mental illness can seem overwhelming. 

At Center of Training we take these issues one at a time and start building wellness from a very basic, but very strong, foundation. We offer training classes for all employees, a leadership wellness program for true culture change, and a certification program for your in-house leaders who want to champion overall corporate wellness for your organization. We also provide a peer advocacy program so that you can set up teams of already-trusted employees who work together, with your workforce, to provide support and resources for overall better wellness.

Whatever the workplace, no matter the number of employees, and whatever the mental health challenges, we're here to support and to assist.


Center of Training Leadership

Amy Morgan, MSC, CEO & Founder

 Amy Morgan holds a Master's in Counseling degree and a Bachelor's in Behavioral Sciences degree. She has more than 20 years experience creating curriculum and teaching adult training programs. Combining her mental health expertise with her training experience is what she does best, and what makes Center of Training the first-choice go-to place for online mental health & wellness training programs.

Click here to see CEO Amy Morgan's virtual resume.

"If Amy can reach police officers and other First Responders and teach them to face their trauma, she can teach pretty much anyone about their mental health."


Mental Health and Medical Professional Research & Review Team

Center of Training utilizes mental health and medical professional consultants who provide their experience, wisdom, and expertise so that our training curriculum is accurate, valid, relevant, and continuously updated and current. We want the very best for our students and those they work with and serve. We believe that staying connected with experts and being in a continuous learning and growth mindset will ensure that our curriculum maintains our high standards at all times. 

"We've had Amy come to our office on several occasions and she's phenomenal at leading our executive team toward solutions. Highly recommend!"

- Natalia R. (CEO)

"We didn't want to just stop at employee write-ups. With every disciplinary action we integrate 1-on-1 "employee growth" sessions with Amy Morgan. She creates real change, and we can tell a difference in our team."

- Robert B. (H.R. Director)

"Amy's training has taken our executive team from "wandering aimlessly" to "focused, healthy and productive." It just doesn't get better than this!"

- Lorene J. (E.V.P.)

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Work For Center of Training

Our full-time employees are provided the following benefits:

  • 3 weeks paid leave - Use for vacation, illness, appointments, personal time, etc. You decide.. just take care of yourself.
  • $3600/year set aside for you, which you can withdraw for your vacation, for counseling appointments, gym memberships, healthy eating plans, or any other "mental health" need.
  • Unlimited tele-health medical visits for you & your family with physicians in your state, and while you travel.
  • Remote work with flexible schedules.