$100.00 USD

6.23.23 Webinar: The Path to Suicide

You will earn a certificate of training completion for 3 hours.

Your Instructor/Presenter: Amy Morgan, MSC, CFRC(D), CPSL(D), CWPS(D)
CEO/Founder: Center of Training

Session Summary:

The first question everyone asks whenever someone dies by suicide is "Why?" Trying to understand how someone could make the decision to end their own life is difficult, especially when you can see all the reasons that person had to live. This 3-hour training session will thoroughly discuss the non-impulsive path that leads someone to suicidal thoughts, the many factors that affect one's ability to cope with stressors, and the reasons someone may choose to end their own life. We will dive deeply into the layers of thoughts that come before a suicide, as well as how to help someone avoid suicide, whether you find them in the early stages of their thoughts, or in the last moments prior to acting on the decision. Understanding the mind of someone who is contemplating suicide is the best way to help intervene and provide support and resources. We will cover the ways to intervene, as well as proactive ways to prevent someone from getting too far down the path of suicidal thoughts. After the 3-hour webinar you’ll have an open Q&A discussion opportunity with the instructor.

Goals & Objectives:

1          Participant will be able to identify reasons someone may reach a point of contemplating suicide;

2          Participants will gain an understanding of the difference between the suicidal perspective and the non-suicidal caregiver perspective;

3          Participants will be able to define and list signs of suicidal thoughts and/or crisis;

4          Participants will be able to outline the steps to intervene in someone’s suicidal thoughts or plan and connect them to resources.


Participants will receive a certificate of training after the session, and this training session is open to anyone who wishes to attend.


For licensed clinicians, Center of Training is an Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider through NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors) (ACEP #7092). Your certificate will designate 3 hours of CE.  There are many licensure types and those vary across the 50 states. Before enrolling, please confirm with your specific licensure board that NBCC CE hours are accepted as CE for your license.


If you are interested in group rates, or have any questions, please let us know prior to enrolling, at [email protected].


No refunds provided. If you are unable to attend after enrolling, you may find someone to transfer your enrollment to as a replacement.



Amy Morgan, MSC, CFRC(D), CPSL-T(D)

  • Founder/CEO - Center of Training, LLC
  • Founder - Academy Hour, LLC
  • Creator: Certified First Responder Counselor / Certified Peer Support Leader/Teammate / Academy Hour Certified Instructor programs
  • Master’s of Science in Counseling (LPC track) | , Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Sciences
  • Former Training Officer for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
  • Mental Health Instructor - Justice Clearinghouse
  • Mental Health Advisor – First H.E.L.P.
  • Survivors of Blue Suicide (C.O.P.S. Org.) Wellness Support Staff Member
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Individual Interventionist
  • Instructor - International Association for Directors of Law Enforcement Standards & Training (IADLEST) / FirstForward / Envisage
  • PoliceOne.com /Lexipol contributing author
  • Guardian RFID (Corrections) contributing author and YouTube channel contributor
  • Author of therapy resource workbooks & training curriculum
  • Certified trainer: ASIST-Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Certified trainer: QPR-Question Persuade Refer
  • CPI Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Trainer
  • Mensa USA & Mensa Oklahoma member achievement