First Responder Retirees

Center of Training is developing a program just for you, and we would love to collaborate with you and learn from you so that we can make this the best program it can possibly be.

If you're interested in participating as a research contributor, please complete the form below.

Read info below the form for more details.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll contact you shortly with more details about the project.

What you'll do:

1. Interview with Amy Morgan and/or a Center of Training team member.

2. Provide your expertise, experiences and knowledge about your career.

3. Work with others (within the Center of Training community) who can learn from your experiences.

What you'll receive:

1. Our eternal thanks, and the knowledge that you're helping other First Responders (rookies, on-the-job, and retirees)

2. Your name and bio/info included in our "contributors" page

3. Access to all retiree training at no cost

4. Access to our retiree community (online & on-site) so that you can network & stay connected with other retirees

5. Selected participants will be paid a consulting fee based on level of contribution and participation. These participants will be selected based on the initial interview process. You may participate in the interview  only, without participating further, if you choose to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to participating, you will need to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and NC (Non-Compete) so that our project, plans & strategy remain exclusively with Center of Training until & after the program release date.